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Property Type : Residential Apartment / Flat

Location : Althan

Bedroom : 3 - 3 BHK

Area Range : 1915-1915 sq.Feet

Price : 6300000

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Name : ReFuture Management Pvt. Ltd.

Address : Ahmedababd

Contact No. : 08511968111

Email : admin@refuture.in

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Welcome to Flamingo

White Wings Offers a range of option in its residential business portfolio to suit the specific needs and demands of different customer segments. With the growing aspiration and affordability levels of customers, the group has in the recent past focused on the high-end premium and luxury condomuiniums. This is exemplified by its property FLAMINGO.

The idea of of Flaming is to identify an exclusive community of like minded residents who would be proud to own a high-end apartment offering the best features and facilities on par with those available internationally.

Overlooking the picturesque landscaping, the Flamingo us a dream comes true for discerning customers who want nothing but the best .

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