The brand ‘Valencia’ signifies luxury and an exclusive lifestyle.

For most it is simply a photograph that captures the beauty of nature. To us, it brings forth an opportunity to create a home in this natural surroundings. We are a young real estate company, firmly entrenched in the age old philosophies of commitment, transparency, creating trust and building lasting relationships.

Where others see mere brick and mortar and square feet constructed we see timeless homes that speak class.

You can’t tell a Valencia Project simple from looking at it. It’s what you can’t see that sets us apart.

Since then, the Valencia group has continued to dream bigger, push the limits further and created a brand value that spells sheer excellence and class.Every project coming out from the doors of the group unwaveringly reflects perfection.The sincere efforts to attain perfection are seen at every level of planning, construction, client interaction and after sales services. A team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals as well as renowned consultants are assigned tasks to ensure that each project reflects class and finesse.

Valencia Group is proud to be associated with IIFA 2015, held at Kuala Lampure, Malaysia on June 5th to 7th, 2015.

Partnering this prestigious event as its “Green Partner” IIFA gave the message to the world “Going Green by Living Green with Valencia”. A green carpet was laid out at the event, where the glitterati of Bollywood descended highlighting the project. 

“We present a project that is offered by the Valencia Group in the princely city of Udaipur. A project that makes you be one with nature, with mountains and a scenic view, with 6% construction and 94% Green, Valencia is the perfect meeting point of Royalty, Exclusivity and Environment,” said Mr. Anil Kapoor, as he descended on the stage to introduce Valencia Udaipur.

Properties of Valencia Udaipur